Friday, October 14, 2016

School, At Home - September 2016

In the Moore household, September has traditionally been the month that we gear up to head back to school. Although we did gear up to head back to school, we changed venues this year; we have decided to do school from home. The kiddos were enthusiastic about the change and as I have always said about my "stay at home mom" years, I am the stay at home mom that isn't at home very much. We are approaching our homeschooling in much the same way. In the past month, we have ventured out of the house most days for building on academics, serving others and just living life. We have found that our time together as a family has been less rushed and centered around building our relationships rather than just "hurrying" to the next event.

I cannot believe this girl is 9!!  She is so much fun to be around. She's sharp, thinks of others, loves to play the piano, read, do math and build her own lego creations!  

And this one!!  He will be 7 in just a few short weeks!  He's a ball of energy, always has a nice thing to say about others, loves to do math and has stories for days! 

Schooling at home gives us time to get outside together and do things like nature walks and really look around and thank God for His creations! 

 Studying the ants!

 Learning Spanish!

 B loves to learn Spanish too!

 On the first "chilly" day we had here in SoCal, we attempted to make applesauce.

 We gave it a valiant effort, although it did not turn out.

 Learning about taxonomy through sorting our shoes!

 Ninja moves!

 They love free time at the park!

 A day at the Aquarium - we got to use "Google Maps" to find Papa's house and stop by for a visit!

 On Fridays the kids go to a class with project-based learning in the morning and they are learning to sail on Friday afternoons! Here is B presenting things that represent him.

The kiddos making cupcakes for the ladies from the church staff!

It's been an action-packed fun-filled month and we are looking forward to see all that October holds!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mersadie turns 6!!

My baby turns 6 today!  SIX!!  We have enjoyed the journey, but sure didn't expect the past 6 years to go by so quickly.  I still remember Brian and I peeking over the crib while I was still pregnant saying, "one day our little girl will be here".  And now, this - our princess!!  We celebrated Sis' birthday on Monday by surprising her and taking her to Disneyland instead of school. 
Sadie thought she was just getting an early birthday gift before school.

It was a Jasmine costume - we told her that we would check with her teacher, but were sure it was okay for her to wear it to school that day.


When we got to Disneyland we went straight to the Bibbidy-Bobbidy-Boutique for her appointment to get made over.

She was SO excited and looks so beautiful here!

The moment before the reveal!

Our sweet girl!

Mersadie, eh hem, I mean Jasmine and her daddy.

Jasmine and me! :)

Jasmine and Braden

Our friends, the Harrisons,
met us for a day of fun.  They brought Mersadie a gift - perfect choice!!

We ate breakfast with the characters.  Love these Mickey waffles.

The crew at breakfast.

She looks so grown up here. :(

We got to go see the live Aladdin production they do.  We have a friend in the show, so she got us seating on the first row and afterwards, we got to meet the cast!!  This is Sadie's face when Jasmine came out!

When we went to meet the princesses, Jasmine happened to be one in the lineup - She's not always there.  It made the day even better!
Sadie wanted to take a picture by the "wanted" sign for Flynn Rider - ended up being the only full length shot I got of her by herself that day.  Oops
We ended the day by watching the fireworks - right in front of the castle with nothing and no one blocking our view - those pics are on my phone.  I need to download them.  It was truly a magical day and a fun way to celebrate 6!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

This was the first thing I saw when I opened our garage this morning. What a blessing to serve God with such wonderful people that provide encouragement!!

Our praise team leading about 2500 people in worship! Amazing!

Brian bringing the message! So awesome!

Looking and waiting for the helicopter!

Look!! There it is!


Here come the eggs!!

Ready, set, go!!!

Go get those eggs!

Mersadie and Joe - they're inseprable!

There they go together, hand in hand. I love how Joe looks after her!

My pretty girl with one of her eggs!

Watching the helicopter drop more eggs for the older kids!

Our precious family - Easter 2012

Happy Easter from the Moore Kiddos!